HSE Vendor Rating

​​An HSE performance evaluation was conducted in the last 6 months of the 2014 for the companies working on projects in progress at the Piomboni yard (specifically the Marlin and Perenco projects).

Each company was evaluated based on HSE Vendor Rating criteria, described below:

Demonstrated management sensitivity to Health, Safety and the EnvironmentAdequate number of Health, Safety and Environment service personnel
​Assigned personnel skills​​Management of waste disposal procedures
​Waste sorting and use of collection areas on the yardWork force participation (for example: STOP Observation Cards)
Yard entry preparation documentation delivery thoroughness and punctuality​PPE use
​HSE communication on the yard (toolbox, meetings, etc.)Compliance and level of maintenance of the equipment and machines used on the yard
​Response to Emergency situations​Amount of HSE non-conformities issued to the company
Ability to implement the action plans defined by RNC within the set schedulesLevel of collaboration and ability to respond to improvement requests.
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