Industrial Services


Fores Engineering Service Team, so highly appreciated by Customers, rely his professionality and problem solving capacity on the knowledge and field experience of each technician part of this Fores Engineering spearhead group.

Each Fores Service Team Technician has his skills from a previous many year experience in our Automation & Telecom or Skid & Package department and years in oil & gas plants for field activities; thus allowing them to be best in class service engineers able to covers all service activities worldwide.

Fores Engineering Service team professionality and flexibility is driven by one simple principle:

Be always at Customer Side, by solving always Customer problems in fast and reliable way.

Fores Engineering Service Team is equipped with all service instruments and calibrated / certified devices to perform their activities at best by supplying their abilities to the customer always at top performance:

  • Wellhead WHCP/HPU Accumulator Recharge
  • Flushing Activities
  • Metering System Calibration and Supervision 3° party Certification
  • Field Instrumentation and Transmitters Calibration
  • Fire & Gas Equipment Calibration
  • Analyzers Calibration
  • Field Regulation and Control Valves Maintenance
  • Automations Systems and Software Maintenance
  • Telecom Systems Maintenance





Fores Engineering Service Team Customers Solutions include (just mentioning few of the activities performed):


  • Field Engineering
  • Feasibility Study
  • Planning of Maintenance Activities
  • Telephone technical assistance
  • Technical Solutions for Downtime Reduction
  • Supply Specifications
  • Personnel Formation and Courses


  • On-site Installation & Supervision
  • Technical assistance for Commssioning & Startup
  • System Improvements & Modifications / Revamping
  • Systems Verification and Performance Verifications
  • Preventive / Corrective Maintenance:
    • Instrumentation
    • Automation
    • Skid & Packages
  • Emergency Maintenance after Fault Condition
  • Flushing Activities
  • Metering System Calibration and Certification
  • Remote System Connection for Diagnostic / Troubleshooting
  • After Sales Service


  • Spare Parts Management and Supply
  • Component Engine Spare Parts Web Software
  • Loose Materials


  • Automation Systems
  • Telecom Systems
  • Skid & Packages
  • Power Generation and Microturbines