Hydraulic Systems


​​​​​Hydraulic and pneumatic systems are key elements for the control and for the safety protection of offshore and onshore facilities.

Fores offers hydraulic and pneumatic systems covering all project phases, starting from detailed engineering and procurement, through construction and testing, up to commissioning and start-up activities. 

In particular, Fores range of products includes:

  • Wellhead Control Panels for surface application (WHCP)
  • Wellhead Control Panels for subsea application (WHCP)
  • Wellhead Switching Units (WHSU)
  • Integrated Wellhead Control Panels with Photovoltaic Power Generation Unit
  • Hydraulic Power Generation Units for surface application (HPU)
  • Hydraulic Power Generation Units for subsea application (HPU)
  • Local Control Panels (LCP)
  • Topside Umbilical Termination Units (TUTU)

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