DEKA Project

Status: Delivered

Scope of Work

Engineering, procurement, construction, testing, commissioning and start-up

Project Description

​​E&I Shelter and Battery Module​​

Technical Details

N.1 E&I Module and n.1 Battery Module, with External Structure in carbon steel material, fully welded and A60 fire rated. 

E&I Shelter overall dimensions are L 5200 mm x W 3000 mm x H 3500 mm, and includes roof-top HVAC fully redundant, PMCCs, UPS, HVAC control panel, F&G devices, fixed fire extinguishing system and ancillaries. 

The battery shelter module dimensions are L 3500 mm x W 3000 mm x H. 2600 mm and includes fan extractors​​, n.2 battery pack NiCd, F&G devices and ancillaries. Both Modules are delivered fully assembled and tested.

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