Fauzia & Elettra Platforms

Status: Delivered

Scope of Work

Engineering, procurement, construction, testing, commissioning and start-up

Project Description

​Microturbine power generation modules​​ addressed to Fauzia and Elettra platforms

Technical Details

N. 2 microturbin​e power generation systems, for Fauzia and Elettra off-shore platforms. Each system includes a shelter with dimension L.4.500mm x W.4.000mm x H.3.500mm. The shelter is fabricated in carbon steel with EI 60 fire rating, and houses n. 2 (n.1 for Fauzia platform) capstone gas microturbines, 65 kW each. The system includes all the accessories, in particular:

- power server for synchronizing and load distribution;
- forced ventilation;
- F&G instrumentation;
- fire extinguishing system by clean agent.

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