Khabarovsk Refinery

Status: Delivered

Scope of Work

Engineering, procurement, construction, testing, commissioning and start-up

Project Description

​​Analyser System

Technical Details

​The supply includes: n.1 Analyzer System, with instruments inside the analyzer shelter, local instruments, sample probes, sampling conditioning systems, sample recovery unit. 

In detail, n.1 analyzer shelter (dim. L 8.800 x W 3.000 x H 3.000 mm) is dedicated for housing phyical properties analysers: n. 3 distillation D86 , n. 3 flash point, n. 1 RVP. 

The shelter is pressurized by HVAC and is made in steel walls insulated with poliurethane, isolation factor R10 and FSI<25 according to ASTM E84. The Supply includes also n.7 oxygen analyzers, n.2 explosive gas analyzers, n.2 density analyzers, n. 2 air demand analyzers, n.1 moisture analyzer, n.1 CH4+CO analyzer, n.1 H2 analyzer, n.1 H2S analyzer, n.3 pH meters and n.2 conductivity meters. The entire system is suitable to operate in extreme ambient, with temperature from -43°C to +40°C.

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