Capstone and Fores a renewed cooperation for energy market

Fores and Capstone long-term partnership (>15 years) takes a further step to accomplish a wider and higher value proposition in the market.

The cooperation, renewed till 2023, features Fores Engineering as a worldwide Capstone OEM Partner for Oil&Gas, Petrochemical, and Biogas sector vs its previous role of Local Distributor.

In this new set up, Fores will not only leverage on Capstone air-bearing patented technology for low maintenance, efficient and widely referenced power generation solutions (microturbine), but also on Fores “tailor-made” know-how to serve specific challenges, such as remote O&G assets (e.g. offshore and onshore sites), biogas – bioLNG highly automated plants and flaring/waste gas valorization systems.

Fores knowledge and experience in complementary equipment, packaging, and market specifications, is a key feature to provide the market with turnkey integrated solutions suitable for a variety of applications and customers worldwide.