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The Fores Enginering Abu Dhabi Branch has been established in 2010.

The Branch is the vehicle to capture commercial opportunity and to support operative activities in the Gulf Council Countries.

Since the Algerian area showed its market opportunities, in 2008, Fores realized to enter the Algerian market founding the local subsidiary Fores Engineering Algérie Eurl.

The founded Algerian company is owned 100% by Fores Engineering and it has an own organizational structure with administrative and operational local staff specialized in activities of Installation, Commissioning, Start-Up, Technical Assistance & Maintenance in Electrical & Instrumental Systems.

The company Fores Engineering Algérie Eurl, under the coordination of parent company Fores Engineering Srl, is also a crucial support to all commercial & technical activities of the parent company in Algerian Oil&Gas plants as well as custom clearance and importation practices.

Fores Engineering Srl is also present in Algeria with projects dedicated Permanent Establishment (Branch) in order to follow local activities incorporated in current contracts with Algerian companies.

The positive result of the pre-qualification process with Petroleo Brasileiro SA – Petrobras (the biggest Brazilian oil & gas company), started in 2009, allowed the award of several purchase orders. Fores decided to open a new company in Rio de Janeiro: Fores do Brasil Sistemas e Equipamentos Industriais LTDA.

This company is owned 75% by Fores Engineering SpA and 25% by Rosetti Marino SpA.

Fores Engineering has recently opened an Operative Unit in Congo at Pointe Noire.




Fores Engineering is present in Kazakhstan with the mother company Rosetti Marino SpA partecipating in the local Company  Rosetti Kazakhstan LLP .



For following interesting opportunities in far east area, Fores Engineering opened in August 2014 the  Fores Engineering Singapore Branch.