Fores Engineering and CY4GATE: strategic alliance to increase resilience from cyber attacks

Fores’ commitment continues consistent with the strategy of creating value for its business sectors in the O&G, announcing that it has signed a cooperation agreement with CY4GATE , company born from the merger of ELT SpA , 4th world company in the field of defense and Electronic Warfare, and Expert System SrL company leader in Cognitive Computing.

The alliance, which is innovative, plans to develop synergies between FORES and Cy4Gate purely in the O&G world with thegoal of giving resilience to cyber-attacks on complex systems and distributed such as IoT systems e O.T. / ICS / SCADA.

Fores, Italian company belonging to Rosetti Marino Group, specialized in multidisciplinary design and integration of Automation, Control, Supervision and Safety systems for the Energy sector (Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical and Power) expends its skills portfolio, offering Cyber Resilience solutions.

Fores, since its foundation in 1992, has built and started more than 2500 supplies in 13 different countries and thanks to its ability to continuously improve the products offered, providing the highest standards of reliability and quality, it has established itself on the market as a qualified supplier to the main companies and operators in the world energy sector.


Fores portfolio products:

• Integrated Control and Safety Systems
• Integrated Telecommunication Systems
• Hydraulic – Pneumatic Systems
• Utility Packages
• Shelters Analysis and Metering
• Gas Process Packages
• msLNG


CYGATE, was born in 2014 creating a division dedicated to Cyber Security and Business Intelligence in order to be able to let companies apply what was and is created for government and military use.


CY4GATE, solutions:

• Corporate Data Analysis Intelligence
• Pentration Tests
• Cyber Defence Resilience Improvement
• Automated Threat Identification and Classification
• Tailored Response Practices
• SOAR (Security Orchestration Analysis and Response) capabilities


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