Happy 30th birthday, Fores!


On the 27th of February 1992 in Forlì, Fores Engineering srl was founded to serve the business of electro-instrumental solutions for regional customers and projects. Throughout the decades, alongside Rosetti Marino Group, we have overcome many challenges in more than 40 countries, developing a multidisciplinary set of skills and a constantly growing products’ portfolio that made Fores the international turnkey solutions’ provider it is nowadays.

In celebrating our 30th anniversary, we want to thank our clients for the trust they have placed in Fores since its very beginning and above all, we want to pay tribute to our people: individuals who, throughout the years, have been the essence and the strength of Fores Engineering.

Today, as future-focused as ever, we are ready to face the new challenges of the Energy industry, to support companies and individuals towards a greener tomorrow.