International Day For The Elimination Of Violence against Women 2023

On the occasion of the upcoming International Day For The Elimination Of Violence against Women promoted by the United Nations (25 November 2023), Fores Engineering is committed to raise awareness on the issues of violence and gender inequality through a unique “Safety Moment.”

Within our corporate culture, “Safety Moments” are actual safety capsules used to kick off our meetings by addressing relevant topics in the world of work and society. The goal is to strengthen the corporate culture and increase employees’ awareness within the working environment and beyond.

In response to national news events, unfortunately not isolated, we have decided to actively collaborate with our colleagues to create an environment where every team member feels not only safe but also respected and valued.

To support this crucial cause, on this day, we have extended an open invitation to managers, supervisors, and employees by providing a dedicated “Safety Moment” with which to open meetings from today and throughout the next week.

We firmly believe that, as members of Fores, we are the primary advocates for change in our company’s mindset and within society. By opening up the dialogue in the workplace, we can make a difference even outside it.

We share with you some tips to try and contribute to prevent violence against women in and outside the workplace.