Romagna Business Matching 2023

Sustainability is a fundamental pillar for the success of businesses in an increasingly aware world of its needs.

At Fores Engineering, we believe that sustainable corporate management is essential for advanced governance and maintaining a competitive position in the market.

Yesterday we actively took part in the workshop “Il bilancio di sostenibilità come strumento per una governance evoluta delle imprese” where we addressed the importance of integrating sustainability into corporate culture and introduced concrete tools for measuring and improving one’s ESG profile.

Our own Gloria Tassinari shared our experience alongside Alice Canora from Galvanina and Federica Bonaiuti from Bunge, both companies committed to promoting sustainability.

Thanks to Sonia Celli, Sustainability Coordinator at Confindustria Romagna, and Delia Bruno, META Coordinator, for moderating the discussion and making this learning opportunity possible.

We will continue to dedicate ourselves to a sustainable future and share our initiatives in this continuously growing sector.